Molded Grating


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I. lntegral,one-piece construction distributes load to both bearing bars and cross bars.

2. Interwoven continuous fiberglass rovings are saturated with resin during production.

3. Slip-resistant top surface.

Benefits of FRP Grating

• Lightweight Materials

• Reduced Installation Costs

• Low maintenance Life Cycles

• Ease of Fabrication

• Enhanced Workplace Environment

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I. Anti-slip plate
2. Grating
3. Grating covered with anti•slip plate as an integral corrosion resistant construction.

Features of FRP Grating

• Corrosion Resistant

• Slip resistant top surface

• Fire Retardant

• Variety of Standard colors

•Impact Resistant

• UV Inhibitors

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Type of Grating Surfaces

• Concave surface: Anti-Skid surface.

• Plain surface: Flat top after sanding.

• Grit surface: Extra slip-resistance as per BS 7976-2.

• Cover surface: Available in smooth top, check pattern top and grit top.

• Mini mesh type grating prevents small tools and other objects from dropping through.

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Standard Resin Systems Available

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Find Superior-class Grating here!

  • Made with Special Tooling
  • Completed Through Unique Process
  • Treated in an Optional Non-filler Formula
  • Unparalleled in Chemical-resistance
  • Unsurpassed Mechanical Performance
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Molded Grating Specifications


Note: 1. Panel weight may vary according to type of resin used and top surface.

2. Mesh size : Spacing between bar centers.

3. Other thicknesses and sizes are available upon request.

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Molded Grating Load and Deflection Data


The designer should not exceed MAXIMUM-RECOMMENDED load at any time. MAXIMUM LOAD represents a 3 1 factor of safety an ULTIMATE CAPACITY. ULWMATE CAPACITY represents MAX LOAD observed at initial fracture.

Walking loads for maintenance traffic are typically a live load of 60 PSF. Deflections for worker comfort aretypically limited to 3/8 ” or SPAN divided by 12D under full live load. For a firmer feel under full live load or a line load 250 lbs/ft of width, limit deflections to 1/4 ” or SPAN divided by 200.

The loads represented are for STATIC LOAD CONDITIONS at ambient temperature. Deflections for impact loads or dynamic loads will MULTIPLY the deflections shown by 2. Long term loads will result in added deflection due to creep in the material and will require higher factors of safety to ensure acceptable performance.

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High Load Capacity Molded Grating

Molded High Load Capacity grating. is yet another product in the arsenal of engineered. fiberglass reinforced plastic solutions. Whiie capitalizing on most of the traditional benefits of molded grating products high strength, .corrosion resistance, fire retardancy, non-conductivity and low maintenance, this specially manufactured molded FRP product has been engineered to carry forklift loads that traditional molded FRP grating products are unable to support. With a 4896 open surface area, Kentec molded HLC grating is available in a 4‘ x 6‘ panel with depths of 1-1/2″ arid 2″ is now available in Kentec îSO and VE Resin systems. Surface options include either a smoeth surface or grit surface. Kentec molded HLC grating merits .an ASTM E-84 flame spread rating of 25 or less and a Class 1 Fire Rating.

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Chemical Resistance Guide

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C= Continuous exposure of the grating to the chemical environment listed at the temperature listed.

5= Frequent exposure of the grating to splashes and spills from the chemical enviroment Jisred with that environment at the temperature listed.

I =Infrequent exposure of the gratin to splashes and spills from the chemical environment listed with that environment at the temperature listed and the spill immediately cleaned up or washed from the grating.

k = Not recommended tor the concentrations and temperatures listed.