Brief introduction of Kentec Molded grating:

Continuous fiberglass roving is placed in the open, heated mold in alternating layers, wetted out thoroughly with resin. Such a process produce an integral, one- piece construction, which offers excellent corrosion resistance and bi-directional strength as well.

The mould is heated to cure the panel after such a fiberglass-roving- weaving process. If embedded grit top surface is required for extra anti-slip, the mould will receive grit at this time before the panel is cured.

Upon curing, the panel is ejected from the mould, and at this time, the panel will typically have a concave(meniscus) top surface for slip resistance. Should a standard applied-grit top surface is needed, a secondary operation follows, that is: the grit will be bonded to the top of the completed panel.

Benefits of FRP Grating

Light Weight,Easy Installation

1/4Weight of steel grating makes installation easy and eliminates the need for heavy lifting equipment. Effortless Cutting.

Long Service Life in Corrosive Environments.

Unparalleled performance in most harsh chemical environments, which could not be achieved by using traditional metal grating.No painting, and no maintenance is required. Please keep in mind, replacement costs much to owners.

Slip Resistance

Excellent test result(BS 7976-2) guarantees sure footing on both dry and wet working conditions.

Fire Retardance and Low Temperature Resisitance

Fire retardance meets standards of ASTME 84 Class 1. And what is more, extra low temperature tests witness the good performance at-196 degrees Celsius. Ideal materials for most projects.

Type of grating

    • Concave surface:Anti-Skid surface.
    • Plain surface:Flat top after sanding.
    • Grit surface:Extra slip-resistance as per BS 7976-2
    • Cover surface:Available in smooth top,check pattern top and grit top.
    • Mini mesh type grating prevents small tools and other objects from dropping through.
    • Long Life
    • Low Maintenance with the Low Installation Cost
  • Check Plate Cover
  • Grit Cover
  • Micro Mesh
  • Concave Surface
  • Grit Surface
  • Anti-Static Grating

Standard Resin Systems Available

Resin Type Resin Base Description Corrosion Resistance Flame Spread Rating ASTME-84
VFR Vinyl Easter Superior Corrosion Resistance Excellent Class 1,25 or less
IFR Isophthalic Polyester Industrial Grade Corrosion Resistance and Fire Retardant Verry Good Class 1,25 or less
PFR Orthophthalic Polyester Architectural Grade Corrosion Resistance and Fire Retardant Verry Good Class 1,25 or less

Find Superior-class Grating here!

Made with Special Tooling

Tompleted Through Unique Process

Treated in an Optional Non-filler Formula

Unparalleled in Chemical-resistance

Unsurpassed Mechanical Performance