Industrial fiberglass-covered grating

Navigating Challenges: Industrial Fiberglass-Covered Grating in Tough Environments

Industries today face a myriad of challenges, and when it comes to harsh environments, the choice of flooring is critical. The resilience and durability of fiberglass-covered grating come to the…

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Industrial Applications of Fiberglass Grating

Versatile Solutions for Diverse Industries Fiberglass grating, a versatile material, has become an essential component in various industrial applications. This lightweight and durable solution offers numerous advantages, making it an…


How Molded FRP Grating Enhances Safety and Durability in Construction

When it comes to construction projects, safety and durability are of utmost importance. One material that has gained significant traction in the construction industry is Molded FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)…


Why Fiberglass Stair Railing Is a Smart Choice for Your Home?

If you’re looking for a durable and low-maintenance solution for your home’s stair railing, then fiberglass is the material for you. At Kentec Composites, fiberglass stair railing is a smart…

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A Solid Footing: Exploring the Benefits of Fiberglass Platforms in Industrial Applications

In the world of industrial applications, Building strong footing support is crucial for ensuring the safety and productivity of workers. Traditional materials like steel or wood generally fail to provide…