Stair Tread & Cover


Stair Tread & Tread Covers

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Stair Tread

Manufactured with the same criteria as the matings, with a reinforced nosing of a contrasting color and integrated anti-slip surface. Molded and Pultruded stairtreads are available in two resin systems. Standard and custom sizes available.

Stair Tread Covers

Stair cover represents the ideal solution to make stairways sa fer, both in civil and industrial enviro nm ents. Tt can be in stalled on existin p steps(made of woo d, cement, steel, etc.)by attaching it with the manufacturer’s recommended clips. The special integration of the aggreg rate in the upper surface gives an excellent resitance to slip, even in the most extreme conditions(presence of water, ice, grease, oil, wax, etc.) Stair covers are supplied with a yellow integral nosinp, emphasizing even more the safety features of the product.