Ladders & Cages


Fiberglass Ladder

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Corrosion Resistant Ladders

Manufactured with pultrudéd profiles, vertical ladders are suitable for any application in corrosive environments.

Mechanical Excellence

Kentec’s fiberglass safety ladders meet and or exceed OSHA requirements. Serrated flutted rungs are incorporated far a ship resistant foothold.

Easy to use

Supplied in custom lengths, their light weight structure enhances ease elf installation.

Ecanomicąl and durable

With a cost comparable to aluminum ladders, fiberglass ladders affer additional distinctive features such as:

• Resistant to impact (Na permanent deformation due to temparary overToading or mpact).
• Low or no maintenance (maintenance free over the years, no painting re9
•ired and no corrosion).
• Fiberglass Safety cages are pre-drilled for a rapid field installation.

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