Wood plastic decking & railing

You might be standing on the threshold of living naturally. With substitution of 1 ton fo WPC for wood,you are saving 1.5 trees of 30-year-old age and removing 60,000 used grocery bags from the earth.

Wood plastic composite(WPC) is manufactured by polyethylene plastic and wood fiber or rice hull, most of which could be recycled from such materials as waste plastic drums, bottles and bags,waste wood flour from by-products of woodworking, of useless rice hull. In this way, not a single tree han been cut down to make WPC products,

Water absorption rate about only 0.5% for WPC, while max 100% for traditional wood

Insect and termite resistant. WPC is not the food for them

Unlike tradtional lumber, it's not easy for mould and fungi to settle down with WPC

Uniform color,free of painting,you can choose your favorate colors.

Durable to various willainous weathers

Requiring no chemical treatment, free of any toxic additives

From recycled materials and to be recycled, environmentaliy friendly

Fence and railing

Besides the beautiful decking, with the same materials, WPC also offers you various fences and railings to enable you to create an outdoor living space that is not only low maintenance, but also attractive and uniqque, serving as an eleganttouch to your deck planks.