Fiberglass Handrails

Fiberglass Stair Handrails

Welcome to Kentec Composites, your trusted source for high-quality fiberglass solutions. Our expertise extends to crafting top-tier Fiberglass Stair Handrails, providing a perfect blend of safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal for your staircases. Explore the world of fiberglass handrail systems with us, where innovation meets reliability.

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Fiberglass Handrail Systems

At Kentec Composites, we take pride in offering cutting-edge Fiberglass Handrail Systems that redefine safety and functionality. Our handrails are crafted from premium fiberglass materials, ensuring a robust and long-lasting solution for various applications. From industrial settings to commercial spaces, our handrail systems are designed in such a way as to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Benefits of Fiberglass Handrails

1. Multiple Resistances

Kentec Composites takes pride in offering handrails that exhibit multiple resistances, making them an exceptional choice for various environments.

a. High Strength-to-Weight Ratio:

Our fiberglass handrails boast a remarkably high strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring structural integrity without unnecessary bulk. This unique characteristic makes them ideal for applications where a lightweight yet robust solution is paramount. The high strength-to-weight ratio allows for easy handling during installation without compromising the handrail’s ability to withstand considerable loads.

b. Corrosion Resistance:

One of the main features of our fiberglass stair railing is its corrosion resistance. Unlike traditional materials that may succumb to rust and deterioration over time, fiberglass remains unaffected by corrosive elements. This resistance to corrosion makes our handrails particularly suitable for environments with high humidity, exposure to chemicals, or coastal areas where saltwater corrosion is a concern.

c. Non-Sparking:

In settings where the risk of sparks could pose a hazard, our fiberglass handrails offer a critical advantage – they are non-sparking. This feature is invaluable in industries where flammable materials are present or in areas prone to explosive atmospheres. The non-sparking nature of our handrails enhances safety, providing peace of mind in environments where the prevention of sparks is essential.

d. Non-Conductivity:

Fiberglass is inherently non-conductive, making it an excellent choice for environments where electrical conductivity is a concern. Unlike metal handrails that can conduct electricity, fiberglass handrails ensure the safety of individuals in settings where the risk of electric shock is present. This non-conductive property extends the applications of our handrails to various industries, including those with electrical equipment.

e. Fire Retardant:

Safety is paramount, especially in environments where the risk of fire is present. Our fiberglass handrails are fire-retardant, meaning they resist the spread of flames and contribute to fire safety measures. This feature is particularly crucial in industrial settings, commercial buildings, and public spaces where compliance with fire safety regulations is essential.

The combination of these resistances positions our fiberglass handrails as a comprehensive solution for environments that demand uncompromising safety and durability. Whether in chemical plants, offshore installations, or manufacturing facilities, Kentec Composites’ handrails provide peace of mind and reliability in the face of challenging conditions.

By harnessing the power of multiple resistances, our handrails not only meet industry standards but exceed them. Kentec Composites remains committed to delivering fiberglass solutions that prioritize safety, longevity, and performance, ensuring that our handrails stand resilient against the diverse challenges posed by modern industrial and commercial environments.

2. Safety

Safety is paramount in any setting, and our fiberglass stair handrail prioritizes just that. The non-conductive nature of fiberglass eliminates the risk of electrical conductivity, providing a secure environment in industrial and commercial spaces. Moreover, the non-sparking feature adds an extra layer of safety, making our handrails suitable for diverse applications.

3. Low Maintenance

Enjoy peace of mind with our low-maintenance fiberglass handrails. Unlike traditional materials, fiberglass requires minimal upkeep. It resists corrosion, doesn’t deteriorate under harsh environmental conditions, and maintains its structural integrity over time, which translates to cost savings and longevity for your handrail investment.

4. Streamlined and Flushed Design

Aesthetics meet functionality with our streamlined and flushed design. Our fiberglass handrails seamlessly integrate with the surrounding architecture, providing a sleek and modern appearance. The design enhances the visual appeal and contributes to the handrail’s overall durability.

5. Easy to Assemble

Experience hassle-free installation with our easy-to-assemble fiberglass handrails. The modular design allows for straightforward installation, minimizing downtime and disruptions to your operations. Our handrails are crafted with precision, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.

FRP Handrail Styles

Explore our range of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Handrail Styles, catering to various needs and preferences.

  1. Light Duty: Ideal for spaces with moderate foot traffic, our light-duty handrails offer a perfect balance of functionality and cost-effectiveness.
  1. Standard: Our standard fiberglass railing is versatile and suitable for a range of applications, ensuring reliable performance in diverse settings.
  1. Heavy Duty: For industrial environments with heavy machinery and constant activity, our heavy-duty handrails provide the necessary strength and durability.
  1. Ergonomic Oval System: Our oval-shaped handrail system offers comfort and safety without compromising on style by combining ergonomic design with durability.

Fiberglass Handrails Installation Process

Our skilled technicians at Kentec Composites follow a meticulous Fiberglass Handrails Installation Process to ensure precision and efficiency. From site assessment to custom fabrication, our team is dedicated to delivering handrails that meet your specific requirements. The installation process is tailored to minimize disruption to your operations, guaranteeing a smooth and timely experience.

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Why Choose Kentec Composites for Installing Fiberglass Stair Handrail?

  1. Expertise: With years of experience in the industry, Kentec Composites is a trusted name in providing high-quality fiberglass solutions. Our expertise extends to the design, fabrication, and installation of the fiberglass stair handrail, ensuring a seamless and reliable service.
  1. Customization: We understand that every project is different. That’s why we offer customization options to tailor our fiberglass handrails to your specific needs. From design elements to dimensions, we work closely with our clients to deliver handrails that align with their vision.
  1. Quality Assurance: Kentec Composites is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality. Our fiberglass handrails undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet industry regulations and exceed expectations. When you choose us, you choose a product that is built to last.
  1. Customer Satisfaction: At the heart of our business is customer satisfaction. We prioritize clear communication, transparency, and delivering results that surpass expectations. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your experience with Kentec Composites is positive from start to finish.

Invest in the safety and durability of your infrastructure with Kentec Composites’ Fiberglass Stair Handrail. Let us elevate your space with our innovative and reliable fiberglass solutions.